The Faces Behind JHONUM

To the left is Muslim Aziz, center is Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai and to the right is Qamar Bezanjo.

JON or JAN means “DEAR” in Persian language and #JHONUM is an extra icing on the cake and it means “DEAREST“.

As graduates we thought of reviving the true heritage of traditional Pakistani Kameez Shalwar & apparel accessories but we honestly didn’t know, that this startup venture, will reshape the way bespoke fashion is done online. Within a short span of just few months, JHONUM’s quality and affordable custom tailored suits, extra ordinary customer care and unique presentation kit, has won hearts from renown politicians to common hard working class of the society.

In the end, we are just ants, in competition with none but ourselves in setting high quality standards. We don’t dream to become the biggest clothing brand of Pakistan but we indeed aim to become your favorite brand.

Thank you for putting your trust on us.