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The Untold History Of Pakistani Kameez Shalwar

The shalwar kameez is the oldest attire of Pakistan and is identified as the national dress code of Pakistan throughout the world.

There are multiple variants of the shalwar kameez varying from province to province, each province adds more to the regular kurta shalwar. When one assumes what a Pakistani looks like, the first picture that comes to our mind is of a man in kurta shalwar. Nearly all Pakistani politicians on high government offices travel around the world wearing the shalwar kameez and giving out a strong message about the uniqueness of the attire.

The shalwar kameez worn with a waist coat of course looks a thousand times better than an expensive three piece suit at political gatherings such as an UN assembly, foreign affairs tours and investment deals.

Prime Minister Pakistan Wearing Kameez Shalwar

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has made this attire his symbol of recognition. Wherever he goes, whether it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE or China; he always wears a crisp Kameez shalwar with a waistcoat. The pride that he sets in wearing this traditional apparel is clearly visible on his face.

What Made Kameez Shalwar So Popular?

The Kameez Shalwar aka “kurta shalwar”  has become synonymous with the Pakistani culture and dressing. The question that arises is what made this apparel so popular around the global economy all of a sudden?

As far as the dates go back, this set of clothing was made for labours and was associated with having a low status symbol. It was either that or a garment for people living in rural areas. How did this low tier attire end up becoming a style symbol which is now sold for thousands of rupees in different colors and designs?

Perhaps, the start of this style paradigm was initiated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He started to dress up like the laborers in his rallies and protests. He would wear a crisp white shalwar kameez and roll up his sleeves and walk around like a boss, it was since this day the shalwar kameez started to influence the Pakistanis and their wardrobe.

The basic idea behind this movement was to make the proletariats understand that they were valued and were worthy of all the government support hence the slogan of “Roti, Kapra, Makan”.

The media is to be given a lot of credit for making the simple apparel the national dress code of Pakistan. The PTV drama serial “Kiran Kahani” had a huge role in it. The actor wore the Shalwar kameez throughout the series with a stylish waist coat which increased its demand instantaneously and lead to huge queues outside boutiques dealing in shalwar kameez.

And since that day the shalwar kameez has become a part of every man’s wardrobe. More drama serials such as Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinaray, Alpha Bravo Charlie also had a huge role in making the shalwar kameez a popular outfit.

Rise Of Embroidery Kameez Shalwar & Its Cons

In these modern times the kurta shalwar is sold in many colors and is stitched with the highest quality fabric by multiple brands throughout the country and is exported to different nations. The shalwar kameez is worn along with sandals or shoes such as the loafers depending on the event where the attire has to be worn.

kameez shalwar with embroidery

The problem with this approach is that these kurta shalwars are really expensive and serve only to a high end niche market which makes the attire out of range for other groups.

Another problem with this is the size problem; each person has a different body type and hence a different size and at times off the rack shalwar suits don’t fit the wearer.

Furthermore, buying separate fabric and getting a tailor to stitch a tailored shalwar suit is very time consuming and expensive, it also does not guarantee that the final appearance of the suit will be up to your expectations or not.

Moreover, even if you get the perfect kurta shalwar, the attire is incomplete without accessories such as cufflinks or other items depending on your requirement.

Only that apparel which is accessible to both rich and poor of the society ultimately becomes the national dress code. ~ JHONUM

Style Should Not Break The Bank

This is where we step in; at Jhonum we aim to reach every single kameez shalwar lover out there. What we want to do is; we want to cut out all the problems you handsome guys face when you go out for your kurta shopping on occasions such as Eid ul Fitr, Eid Ul Azha, wedding ceremony or buying a suit as gift. Jhonum eliminates this problem completely…. How? Read on.

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In addition to the beautifully stitched kameez shalwar, we provide you with the accessories that will go along with the shalwar suit. These add-on include waist coats, cufflinks, shoes and chawats that blend perfectly with your custom made shalwar suit.

Everything we do is for you. Even if you are confused about what to wear with our exquisite kameez shalwar , drop us a message with your existing accessories, we will make a combination for you. You get a complete idea about what you should like.

Gentlemen, we provide you with the best combinations out there. We cut out the middlemen, hence, keeping the costs low and ensuring the highest quality at affordable prices that will not be hard on your wallet but will definitely level up your style game and make you stand out from the crowd.

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