Introducing SMART SUIT – World’s First Microchipped Kameez Shalwar Suit

Ever wondered if your kameez shalwar suit could talk to you by telling its bespoke story of how it was made, taking you on a virtual tour of all its A-Z production phases & characteristics, plus in future letting you unlock your mobile phone or even electric car?

Thanks to an ever evolving technology of 21st century coupled with more tiny & compact Microchips with storing ability of up to 2 kilobytes (KB), a microchipped kameez shalwar holding all its Biodata in a tiny chip that could withstand several rotations in your washing machine to pressing temperatures of over 180 degree Celsius, is no more a dream!

Here at JHONUM, where innovation has no limits, our research and development team has finally succeeded in creating the world’s first Microchipped Kameez shalwar that transmits data seamlessly via radio waves within a fraction of a second on your computer or mobile screens.

After testing and experimentation of several months, we finally developed a prototype that is both water proof & heat resistive. This UHF RFID chip is so tiny that it sits seamlessly inside the interfacing fabric layers of the kameez shalwar, retaining its class & finishing.

RFID--SMART-SUITSThrough a Microchip manufacturing company in China, we ordered several different wrappings for the chip. Out of many customizations that we ordered, only one packing could finally succeed to survive the harshness of repeated washings, over 180 degree Celsius heat, high pressing pressure and use of disinfectants/detergents.

We then code a programming script and synchronized it with the 128-bit data on the Microchip, to create a real time front-end database on for easy accessibility for our customers.

VIDEO THEME: An alien visits planet earth. Saws a human wearing kameez shalwar. Inquires on where to get one for himself. Teleports to JHONUM to get his SMART SUIT! 

We named it “SMART SUIT” because without the chip holding the biodata of the suit, the suit itself is nothing but a dead stitched piece of fabric with no real identity!

Ab Suit Sunayega Apni Kahani Apni Zubani – Let Your Suit Tell Its Story!


A smart suit is a combination of two data sources:

  1. UHF RFID MICROCHIP: Data stored in it is programmable and can be read through a custom made JHONUM RFID READER only. The reader can read easily from a distance as large as 20 cm.
    Shows data on website ( for that specific suit only.
    The chip is added inside the interfacing layers of the sleeve cuff with such craftsmanship that it is almost invisible to the human eye.
  2. QR CODE RIBBON: We have added a QR CODE ribbon to the side pocket of each Smart Kameez Shalwar to ensure customers may scan the qr code using their mobile cameras for easy accessibility.
    The QR code takes users to a URL redirected to where customers can type in their Customer Record Number (CRN) to see their suit data in a tabular form.
    Shows data for all smart suits purchased so far by that customer.


The QR CODE ribbon is stitched on one of the two side pockets of a kameez.


SMART SUIT - MICROCHIPPED KAMEEZ SHALWAR DETAILSFollowing is the set of data stored inside our custom UHF RFID Microchip.

  • ID
    Microchip Unique ID dedicated to each suit.
  • CRN
    JHONUM Customer Record Number
    Customer Profile Picture
  • NAME
    Customer Name
  • CITY
    Customer Residence City
    Bespoke details related to Suit design and other accessories or surprise gifts in case of SMART SUITCASE.
    Suit Creation Date
    Fabric Brand i.e. We keep branded Fabrics in our inventory, internationally recognized.
    Fabric Color and tone
  • TYPE
    Fabric type as Cotton | Wash & Wear | Other
    JHONUM offers its fabric collection in five different categories price-wise i.e. GOLD | PLATINUM | DIAMOND | EXCLUSIVE | EXCELENCE
    All body measurements details specific to that suit from Neck to toe are added here. Most demanded feature by our customers. where they can see for themselves all their suit measurements and fitting in inches.
  • PODR
    Stands for PROOF OF DESIGN REQUIREMENTS. Solves Centuries old quarrels between a bespoke tailor and customers!
    List of craftsmen involved in the production phases from Shrinker, Cutter, Stitcher, Pressman etc. Providing full data of people involved in making up that luxury suit for the customer.
    A microchip suit comes with Lifetime Free Alteration service. If your suit gets damaged in any way or if you need any fitting or design changes, just sit and relax and let Jhonum do it for you for FREE OF COST.
    Terms & Conditions apply.
    If you are a bureaucrat or politician or a loyal JHONUM customer, you may never need to carry cash while visiting any Jhonum Outlet. Just scan with your Smart Suit and let the Head Office handle all your invoices later when you are done with the shopping.
    No need to pay while shopping! VIPS are shortlisted by JHONUM HEAD OFFICE based on their profile ranking.


We have successfully launched Version 1.0 Of JHONUM SMART SUIT that helps to store data and let customers access it easily via a webpage.

Version 2.0 would be a step forward to implant custom made NFC Chips molded as Suit Buttons on both right and left sleeves. These NFC chips can be programmed to perform unbelievable tasks on both Android and iOS devices.

NFC--SMART-SUITSThis functionality that we are working on will empower customers wearing Smart Suits to seamlessly communicate with all SMART DEVICES in the world of IoT (Internet Of Things) such as:

  • Unlocking your smart phone!
  • Unlocking Smart Doors
  • Unlocking electric vehicles or automobiles
  • Switching On/Off Air Conditioner, TV or Room lights

The most difficult aspect of smart suits was finding a working prototype that could resist heat and water and sit seamlessly inside the fabric and yet be readable via a RFID reader or NFC reader. We have successfully achieved it and as our development team is working on introducing more advanced features of Smart Suit, future versions of SMART SUITS will surely give Iron Man’s experience to those who love bespoke!


SMART SUITCASE - MICROCHIP IN SUITCASEIf we could put it inside the Fabric, adding it into wooden boxes of our unstitched fabric was extremely easy as it requires no water or heat resistivity.

But what difference does a Smart Suitcase provide?

Want to gift your husband on anniversary, father on fathers day, son in law or even a renown politician?

But you also want to surprise them with few secret gifts that you feel shy disclosing on their face?

Let the Smart Suitcase do it for you!

Anyone receiving JHONUM SUITCASE as gift will get free digital stitching voucher that they can redeem from any JHONUM Outlet but wait here is the twist…. As soon as our Outlet Manager will scan the suitcase with an RFID reader, all details related to that suit will be displayed on the website along with a separate row of SURPRISE GIFTS!

SMART SUITCASE - MICROCHIP IN SUITCASEWe believe a gift can not get more cuter & surprising than this! 🙂


The response by our customers is tremendous mashAllah!

We never thought it will solve the biggest concern of our customers i.e. PODR so effectively. More and more customers are opting in because they love to wear something different. Major demand is coming from politicians, sport stars and bureaucrats as well as the business community. Everyone loves technology and is surrounded by it from all corners, thus a tiny microchip inside the suit gives a new life to a Suit that was previously dead.

Smart Suits have attracted both national and international media. Attracting both traditional media houses and social media. We thank them whole heartedly for all their feedback and support!


Q1. Can We track you via Microchips in Your smart Suits?

Of course not!

This chip is passive and has no battery source. Thus without a battery source, it is as dead as those metallic buttons in your kameez shalwar. Same chips exist in your Credit/Debit cards and also NIC.

Tracking is done via GPRS which has a battery source and are 100 times bigger in size compared to these chips and will certainly not fit in your Sleeve cuffs nor would they survive the cleaning detergents in your washing machine!

Q2. RFID Chip VS Qr Code: Why not use QR code instead?

  1. STORAGE LIFE: The Chip can store data for over 50+ years while the QR code ink may fade away with time or the ribbon can get burnt or removed. While the chip can not be removed from the suit, unless taken to JHONUM Factory for removal request.
  2. EYE CONTACT: The chip needs no direct line of sight and provides contactless data detection at a distance of 20 cm with no reference point while in case of QR code, it requires direct eye contact within close proximity with the phone camera.
  3. READ/WRITE: Each chip is programmable and contains a UNIQUE ID. While printing a separate QR code for over a thousand suits stitched per week is not practical. Commercial printing press does not work that way.  Thus instead of printing a separate QR code for each suit, we use a standard QR code that points only to the website link from where user needs to type in their CRN to see data.
  4. SPEED: It takes a fraction of a second to read from an RFID chip with no direct eye contact compared to the slow scanning of a QR code with a mobile camera by placing the lens in direct line of sight.
  5. SIZE: The tiny chip is sewed internally inside the fabric and is invisible to human eye. While QR code is a 3 inches long ribbon added externally to the side pocket which surely compromises apparel aesthetic factor.

Q3. Do We Stitch all Suits with a Microchip by Default?

Obviously not. Microchips integration and their data management is expensive. We have a tick box in our measurement book allowing customers to opt in or opt out of this feature.

This feature is free of cost in our luxury suits starting from our Top category i.e EXCELLENCE.

For customers who wish to use this feature for their own submitted fabrics, we charge Rs. 1000/- extra for adding a chip in a suit with lifetime free alteration service and all other features.

Q4. What Benefit Does a SMART SUIT Provide To a Customer?

Unlimited! Listing just few here:

  1. Lifetime Free Alteration Service!
  2. All Body Measurements of the suit accessible to the customer with a simple scan!
  3. PODR – Proof of design requirements mentioned to ensure customer could claim something if incase any suit is stitched contrary to the design requirements requested by the customer.
  4. Craftsmen data allows you to request same team of designers to stitch your suit each time you order.
  5. VIP status – Shop without paying!
  6. Adds Class/Swag to your lifestyle, making you stand out among the crowd of billions wearing ordinary suits!
  7. Version 2.0 will allow you to communicate with smart devices, empowering you to perform magic with your suit!

© 2022 JHONUM™, SMART SUIT V1.0, All Rights Reserved.

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